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Promotions Terms and Conditions


Primo Standard Competition and Promotion Terms and Conditions

Please click here to view or download a PDF copy of our standard terms and conditions for our competitions and promotions.

present Primo It Forward

Please click here to view or download a PDF copy of our terms and conditions for our annual Primo it Forward.


SuperGold Card Holder Offer

Please click here to view our terms and conditions for our SuperGoldCard holder offer.

Primo Connect-a-Mate

Simply get your Mates to sign up to Primo and once connected, we'll add a $50 credit on both of your accounts. It's that easy - and there is no limit to the number of Mates you can refer. Things you need to know...

1. We will credit your account with a $50 credit if you (the 'referrer') refer a new customer (the referred Mate') to join Primo, there is no limit to the number of Mates you can refer, however we will only credit you if:

• the referred Mate is eligible to join and use the Primo Service based on coverage and availability; and
• the referred Mate is not already a customer of and has never been a customer of Primo; and
• the referred Mate quotes your Primo username during our sign up process over the phone; and
• your account has been active throughout the 30 days when the referred mates account is activated; and
• the referred Mates plan has been active for at least 30 days.

2. We reserve the right to deduct any account credits credited in relation to a referral if we, at any time, discover that any condition in clause 1 above has not been met.

3. You acknowledge that you can't sign up to Primo Service on behalf of another individual.

4. We reserve the right to deduct from your account any credits credited to you in relation to a referral if the referred account is cancelled by us or by the referred Mate within 30 days of the date of the referred Mate joining.

5. You must not make any misleading statements about the Primo Service, or misrepresent to the person you refer.

6. There could be a few reasons why you have not received the $50 credit:
• if your Mate did not quote your username when they signed up to Primo. This cannot be rectified, as we have no record to show that you referred them. It is your responsibility to ensure that the people you refer give us your username correctly when they sign up to Primo.
• if your account has been suspended within the 30 days after your Mate has joined Primo;
• If your Mate's Primo plan has not yet been active for 30 days;

7. The $50 credit is not redeemable for cash.

Primo Connect a School-Mate

When a school family sign’s up to Primo and gets connected, the family will receive a $50 credit on their account plus we will donate $50 to the school. The more families that connect, the more money the school receives. It’s that easy!

Click here for Terms & Conditions specific to Connect a School-Mate

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